I am a painter périgord to Salignac Eyvigues (between Sarlat and Montignac, right by the gardens of the Manor house of Eyrignac), I work the watercolor for soon 28 years and my subjects of preference are the women and the fabrics and their interactions. The sensualism and the sweetness of a piece of flesh suspected in one cut out the neck or the fleeting outline of the curve of a thigh discovered by a light breath of air

You can also see the other works which I make to order, such as: portraits, frescoes, illustrations, restorations of paintings, webdesign
As well as the various stages of my course such as the current exhibitions or to come.
Journey diaries, BD which I put in colors, my experience as sculptor-modeller for Lascaux,My experiments as actor to the theater, etc....

Good journey in my universe!


I published a few months ago my journey diary on Mauritania.
It is the publishing house which is called: Les 2 encres

You can see examples of pages on the link / watercolours / journey diaries/ Maurinanie

and possibly to order it to me directly or by means of the publishing house, it costs 21 €

E-MAIL: gilles.lafleur@aliceadsl.fr