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This series of watercolors on the angels reflects the particular envy that we have all at the moment or in other one to have somebody who stays up us and protects us. The angels are there only one of the adversities. At this moment there I particularly needed it and envy..


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Journey diary Mauritania 2002 to 2005


This pad is the result of four journeys in Mauritania, very charming country by his people, its landscapes and its history. Every time I met in this silence and these big landscapes I had the very strong impression) to be at the beginning of the world and of the civilization, a sensation of purity and greatness. The life is very difficult for the Moresques because the sand and the drought are very intrusive and give rhythm all the acts of the everyday life, but which heat in their hearts


I published a few months ago my journey diary on Mauritania.
It is the publishing house which is called:Les 2 encres...


Périgord Landscapes

Mauritania Landscapes

Journey diary Mali 2007

This (unfinished) pad is the result of a hike in the Dogon country in 2007, impressions of flavors, colors and smells


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